Hello. My name is Cassandra. I’m an LA-based actor, singer, and model with a Dorothy Gale-sized heart and my very own version of Toto! Coming from Kansas, the thing I miss most (aside from my brother and parents) is the seasons. Especially Spring. There is nothing I love more than a beautifully clouded sky, the warmth in the air, the lightening and rain, and that wonderful clean smell so many air-freshener companies can never quite capture. My little Toto-esque side kick is a little beagle mutt named Egon (after Ghostbusters, truly, it’s a very real obsession) I rescued two years ago. He is the best thing to come into my life since making LA my home 5 years ago. I come from a very German family and from one with many headstrong, stubborn women. I spent the first 21 years of my life with my Grandma, a courageous, Depression-era mother who taught me love and the giving spirit and the value of hard work. I was with her through the end of a long battle with Cancer, and it’s because of her and that time that I’m doing what I love. I live all these lives on stage and screen to celebrate this incredible life that she wished for me and taught me to chase with reckless abandon.

Forever a student (I LOVED academia and the Oxford Comma), I have studied acting and commercials under Chambers Stevens and Chris Game. I also currently study long form improv at UCB and will be studying acting under Ivana Chubbock starting in November.  I’ve also become the producer of an incredible little film-festival-that-could called Shortlands that gives filmmakers a challenge and an opportunity to create new work and have it screened almost immediately after completion for industry professionals and film lovers. We are only in our first year and I can’t wait to see where we take it.

I’m also addicted to ice cream, books….. and Ghostbusters. Did I say that already? Who YOU gonna call?